Mobile Pre-Roll Outperforms Desktop – New Report

Australian mobile video inventory is up more than 400% last year, with mobile pre-roll completion rates booming and click rates at 3 times that of desktop and display. TubeMogul’s Q4 quarterly report examines trends and changes in inventory costs, viewability rates and more for brand advertisers. The report includes insights on mobile video ad CPMs, click rates and pre-roll performance. Trends are market-specific, and canvas 14 countries including Australia. The biggest takeaways from the Australian report are the speed at which Australian marketers are adopting mobile video and interactive advertising, and the dramatic growth in inventory:  

  • Mobile pre-roll inventory in Australia has increased 434% since last year, demonstrating rapid growth year-on-year compared to desktop, which only grew at 69%.
  • Mobile display advertising dropped from 11% of inventory to 3% in 2015, while mobile pre-roll increased to 12%.
  • Mobile Pre-roll completion rates increased from 51% to 68% during 2015.
  • Click rates for mobile pre-roll video ads are at around 0.6%, compared to Desktop Pre-Roll and Display which hover around the 0.2% mark.
  • Although pre-roll remained high at 389 million impressions per day, it decreased in small increments each quarter.
  • Mobile impressions grew from 7% to 12% within one year.
  • Mobile Pre-roll impressions reached 76% for 15-second ads, and 24% for 30-second ads.
  • Mobile Pre-roll completion rates were at 68%, up 53% year on year.  
  • Mobile pre-roll click rates were 0.6% clicks in Q4, compared to 0.2% for pre-roll desktop and 0.2% for display.

Mobile Ad length preferences have seen an evolution over the last year.  TubeMogul found that 15 second ads have increased in popularity from 48% to 76% over the course of 2015.  This compares to desktop, which remained stable at around 60%, with approximately 40% for 30 second ads. It’s clear that the market is rapidly moving towards shorter ad formats on mobile devices, in direct contrast to recent activities from major platforms- who are pushing for longer formats. For example Instagram launched 30 second ad formats late in 2015, and have now started rolling out 60 second ads in many countries.

TubeMogul’s Q4 research shows that mobile video is becoming more economical and attractive to marketers. As they become aware of improved performance and completion rates for mobile pre-roll, brands and advertisers are beginning to shift video ad spend from desktop. Strategies should take ad length into consideration, especially given how much movement there is in the market right now. Major platforms are enabling longer ad lengths to ease traditional advertisers into the space, but ultimately successful mobile advertisers will place mobile creative front and centre, and approach campaigns with a mobile first mentality.  Uniquely created mobile content will always out-perform re-purposed video that sits out of its comfort zone on the mobile platform. Whatever the approach, TubeMogul’s data clearly highlights the rapid growth in mobile video inventory in Australia, and advertisers should jump in now, or risk being left behind.

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